About Ecompex

Ecompex is a federal contractor providing a full range of professional services and technology solutions including Engineering Support, Program and Acquisition Support, Environmental Consulting, Financial Consulting, Medical Operations Support, and IT Services.

Ecompex, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified small business headquartered in Northern Virginia. Ecompex started its government business in 2001 and has been delivering quality professional services and technology solutions for over 22 years. Our founders believed in the power of technology to drive innovation and understood that our clients’ success was essential to our own success. The company was built on a strong quality management system focusing on continuous improvement and customer excellence to produce products and services of the highest standards through an everchanging landscape.

Ecompex is the most reliable choice for a selected group of clients who value the experience and dedication of Ecompex professional services team. Ecompex earns clients’ trust by delivering great value in each project.

Our Values


We put our customers first by delivering what they want and how they want it done.


We are committed to build an agile and proactive organization that is prompt to respond to the dynamic needs of our customers by generating new and creative ideas.


We hold responsibility to deliver on the promises made to earn the trust and involvement of customers.


We strive to be transparent, fair, and honest to employees, partners, business associates, customers, and stakeholders.


We are a team of dedicated professionals constantly delivering specialized knowledge and expertise.


We deliver fast, efficient and reliable professional services that empower customers to achieve their goals.

We have served

Technical and Engineering Mission Support

Program and Acquisition Management

Medical Operations Support

Administrative and Quality Assurance

IT Services

Financial Analysis and Consulting

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Our Commitment to Quality.

Ecompex is committed to achieving customer excellence though technology products and services of the highest standards by establishing and implementing a quality management system focusing on continuous improvement.

We Are Hiring

Want to join our team? We are looking for motivated team members to innovate.